Works (in) Progress Administration Vol. 1

by Bill Mallonee



Guitar harmony and lyric driven...Mid-fi, lush, ragged glory...not a weak song here!
Pillow of Stars, For One Reason or Another and Last Word...are two of all-time favs!
Brand New skin was written after my dear mother, Mary, died unexpectantly a few years back in 2006. she was a poet and well, just a wonderful Mom...
WPA is my moniker for a new series of demos and songs to be released on a quarterly basis. Here's the first "batch."
I write about 40 songs a year, so i needed the "outlet." These are 4 track, home done digital recordings. Charm and the immediacy of the performance is what I'm going for here. I believe this no-fuss approach yields some of an artist most memorable work...

bill mallonee


released October 1, 2008

Bill Mallonee: songs, vocals, guitars, bass, piano, harmonica



all rights reserved


Bill Mallonee

Bill Mallonee is an Americana artist w/ 75 plus albums over a 25 year career. Voted by Paste Music Magazine #65 in their "Top 100 Living Songwriters" poll. He was the
founding member of Vigilantes of Love. He has worked with Mark Heard, Buddy Miller, Emmylou Harris, & Peter Buck from REM.
His most recent work, "The Rags of Absence" released in Jan. 2017.
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Track Name: Pillow of Stars
pass me that paper n’ pen and shot to boot let a dreamer preach a sermon and a fool speak half-a heart full
chorus: and baby, when you love...
ya’ find out who you are wherever you lay your head... may there be a pillow of stars and though fate and sad reversals may slow your journey home you’ll get there cause that deal was done... a long, long time ago...
And what cha said with your eyes was more n’ you wanted to speak my how we use these stammerin’ tongues to steady stumblin’ feet
I dunno why I rock this way or why I roll with such an art dunno why speak these words to break my own heart
Track Name: Bottoming Out
Bottoming Out Lyrics/music: bill mallonee

Guitar player country band
too long watin' for the ship top come in
the ship to come in
Record man said he liked our sound
pulled some dust from a bag and he bought us another round
he bought us another round

Religion's neither here nor there
when you'r stuck in the middle of the thin air
it's too much hunger and not enough cash
it's always the cheap stuff that takes us down fast
always the cheap stuff that takes us down fast
and nothing is turning you about?
yeah, you're bottoming out...

5 sets a night and you do what you must
You do what you must
look at those ruins you hide among
yeah your lips keep moving
you don't understand the tongue
you don't understand the tongue


Make 'em believe it was love at first sight
Make 'em believe they had the time of their lives
and grace? Could there ever be enough
for the hollow places you can't fill up
you fill up or touch

Track Name: For One Reason or another
I took the tears, took the yearning and the spaces in between
the ones all August and golden
Took the Spirit at his word you might say “sight unseen,”
and tucked it in this wood and strings

and I thought: “hey, when we drown...
we’ll all go down as one”
but that was just me...wishing in the sun
and when thinking trumped the feeling
as the cards all fell to you
I knew this time...I was wrong

I was loyal...I was true I was pretty fond of you
at your feet my treasures I would lay a leaf of heartache and transparency... vermillion and blue ah, but you never met my gaze

(repeat chorus)

there’s the sad decay of paper
in the books we put away
ah, but once we swore they were our mother
and my soul’s still august and gold
and the mystery still pervades
for one reason...or another
Track Name: The Last Word
Hey, where you’d get that wound babe?
Honey, where you’d get that scar? where’d you get bad break?
the one inside your heart

are you looking for a good way...
to begin again?
Don’t you know it is an act of be your own best friend?

But we all hide behind these phrases
still aching to be heard
but one day love...she will get the last word

you’d best not speak that name ‘round here
lest you wanna draw the heat
and I could see you were a travelin’ man
with those holes in your feet

Was it declarations...of love?
Was it lamentations?...Was it none of the above?
But we all hide behind these phrases still aching to be heard but one day love...she will get the last word

and the moonlight splinters wildly
and aren’t we like broken glass?
And the paths’ become a red rose
and the future floods the past

time to let go of the heartache
time to open that clinched fist
time to open up your arms wide
this is no Judas kiss
But if I hide behind these phrases I’m still aching to be heard but one day love...she will get the last word
Track Name: Old Paint
Old.................Paint... gone those days of running whatever was...........ain’t shoulda seen it coming
Old.....Paint... eyes are barely seeing Old......Paint... Get so use ta’ dreaming

We could go for days down there in the canyons eagles hanging in the blue, blue air then you’d feel my speed there was no demanding I know you could feel the wind in your hair
Old....Paint...what secrets are you carrying? Back to where...the pasture meets the sky A piece of life is yours; a piece of life is mine
do we ever know the reason why?
Track Name: Brand New Skin (alt mix)
Mother, I remember you all ringed with roses and laurel thanks for teaching me those words, but I couldn’t save you from your sorrow
oh, please close your eyes...and wait to begin you’ll wake your brand new skin
Show me out some different slide through that tomorrow if it vanishes like haze...your old life it’s just borrowed
oh, to close your eyes...and wait to begin you’ll wake your brand new skin
now whatever falls away and whatever is dross whatever fills the grave ...and whatever gets lost
If I hold it all up to the light and it’s all wrecked and scarred All that chrome and touch-up paint? Well, it won’t take you far
oh, please close your eyes...and wait to begin you’ll wake your brand new skin