Shipping and return policies for Bill Mallonee

Shipping Info
This is a "cottage industry" of sorts and run by lots of love and goodwill. I take the music i make very seriously. We also take your satisfaction with the music and how it's delivered (either hardcopy or digital download) seriously, as well.
We strive to win and sustain your goodwill. We've been at this for 22 years and have built up lots of faith and trust among our fans. We plan to keep it that way. Most orders ship in 5 days sometimes less, with a 3-5 day travel time.

We're still touring musicians. Although it's rare, if we're on the road and don't have the product with us, we will notify you as to when you can expect it. Feel free to contact us at:
Best, and thanks for your interest in my work!
bill mallonee
Return Policy
Let us know if the product is damaged or defective. On occasion, one might get a funky hard copy cd. That would be the replication plants fault and not ours. Simply return the product to us, and we'll gladly replace it. The downloads on our pages are flawless.