KID HEART​/​WPA 11 Bill Mallonee

by Bill Mallonee & Vigilantes of Love



released August 7, 2011

Bill Mallonee: vocals, guitars (electric, acoustic, hi-string), harmonica, drums, piano



all rights reserved


Bill Mallonee

Bill Mallonee is an Americana artist w/ 75 plus albums over a 25 year career. Voted by Paste Music Magazine #65 in their "Top 100 Living Songwriters" poll. He was the
founding member of Vigilantes of Love. He has worked with Mark Heard, Buddy Miller, Emmylou Harris, & Peter Buck from REM.
His most recent work, "The Rags of Absence" released in Jan. 2017.
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music & lyrics: bill mallonee

Check the source of the River's course
and every time i find
that River's always been
a friend of mine

i remember back when i was a kid
with an eye for the sublime
yep, that River's always been
a friend of mine

Friend of mine there's no doubt
in season & out
though sometimes that river bed
has run dry
But that's only temporary
so me? I do declare-y
The river's always been
a friend of mine

whether panning for gold or baptizing a soul
or casting out your fly
That River's always been
a friend of mine
I'd ask her questions during those hard times
and i swear she did reply
that River's always been
a friend of mine

gather up your sorrows
and all those faces that you borrowed
just to find yourself...
a place to shine
and when you've drifted far from land
and when the shit hits the fan
That River's always been
a friend of mine
Track Name: Bill Mallonee/WPA - GRIND
GRIND words/music: bill mallonee

paint me a with blood and steel
paint it with the tears of the widows...weeping in the fields

Kid heart in the country
Kid heart in the city
livin' hard to earn that wage
dyin' a little more inside each day
Kid heart in the factory
heart behind the plow
and a heart on the assembly line
kid with a man's dream on his mind

fill that picture up with the clear light of day
render t so holly i can't walk away

And there ain't no gold at the end of any company's rainbow
and a single solitary dime that's worth dyin' for
Track Name: Bill Mallonee/WPA - KID HEART
KID HEART By: Bill Mallonee

There's the sound of weariness making her rounds
only heard there was one road
out of this town
Between the diamond and the defect
dusty archives that cha kept
the locust years were all we ever found

So i traded in my kid's heart
for this guitar and a small spark
the cards were all well advance
the taintedness of everything
it all came soaked in gasoline
and the asphalt she was beckoning
towards a different kinda reckoning
your kiss...awaken me...from this trance

and you'd like to think you chose this
that path you say you took
but you know that's rewriting....rewriting the book
once you heard that tremolo
and 6 string drag go down
once you heard that lonesome record...going round

sun broke over heartland
sun broke overheard
and that Rosary on the rearview...went unsaid
Track Name: Bill Mallonee/WPA - CAN'T PAY MY RENT (But I Hope To Soon)
music/lyrics: bill mallonee

can't pay my rent...but i hope to soon
i'm a lil' short on the coins
and that's long over due
to tell the truth, it's been hard to find
any work 'round here to do
can't pay my rent but i hope to soon

i hope you'll put...some stock in my words
before what little i have left
is left out on the curb
you shake your head & look at your shoes
(what's an honest man suppose to do?)
can't pay my rent...but i hope to soon

well, i heard their closing another factory down
all those good men and women, packin' it in
and getting outta town
what with all those mouths to feed
and no reason to believe
can't pay my rent...but i hope to soon
Track Name: Bill Mallonee/WPA - BURLINGTON NORTHERN
BURLINGTON-NORTHERN music/lyrics: bill mallonee

Gave up the wheat, gave up on the cattle
gave up on a shade tree garage
black & white freeze-frame, photo montage
the tracks led in here from nowhere it seems
and those tracks led back to the same place again
to the same old place again

At night there were things you could hear in the wind
the crashing of steel and the cursing of men
every single soul stormed tossed
switch yards and couplings and stories of ust
moving Black Hills coal to the shiny metropolis
the shiny metropolis

you shrug your shoulders at fate
and at the mouth of the grave
it's easy to get lost and it's hard to get saves
kid, if this was the town you were born in
if this was the town you were born in
if this was the town you were born in
you'll take your place on the Burlington-Northern

3. The unions, well, they did...their very best
to protect what little we had left
the weight of all things intangible
so you learn it my feel and you know by smell
it's there in your sweat and the secrets you can't tell
secrets you can't tell

4. Shepherds can't heal the deepest of needs
there's not a prophet with a vision to bequeath
no future kings to anoint
but i got me and baby, i got you
maybe not the best arrangement
but i think it'll do
faith stretched out to the breakin' point
Track Name: Bill Mallonee/WPA - MY "FARE THEE WELL" SONG
FARE THEE WELL SONG words/music: bill mallonee

I inspected all the maps
cobbled from various reports
no hard evidence as of yet
but rumors too hard to ignore
so I gassed the car, threw in a guitar
put the pedal to the floor

heard a voice when I was younger
well maybe more like a whisper
it spoke of glory faraway
so I became a drifter
some folks frown on such frivolities
but it’s better than closing up your ears

Chorus #1
stumblin’ down these highways
and they all look the same
to a long lost destination
with a long forgotten name
So I think I’ll call this one
my fare thee well song

I heard it in a child’s laughter
and in a gambler’s bet
in my beloved’s kiss
where hearts and stars intersect
but I will admit on most days
that voice seems hardly there at all

Chorus #2
we’re all stumblin’ down the back road
walkin’ wounded just the same
towards a long-lost destination
with a long forgotten name
So I think I’ll call this one
my Fare Thee Well song

if you’ll take a risk
if you’ll make a start
if you’ll pick up your hammer
and if you’ll drop your guard
free your imagination
to live in your neighbor’s skin

and your heart will start to soften
you might even lend a hand
anyone is capable
even politicians
and you’ll find that you can carry
more than you ever believed
Chorus #3
we’re all stumblin’ down the road
nah, this ain’t no walk in the park
groping down a hallway
whistlin’ in the dark
so you can join a long
in this fare thee well song