"After 10 years and 15 albums of giving it all we had as a band, the world had become one cesspool of fools and their betrayals. Sometimes we included ourselves in that characterization..."
"Electromeo" was a sinner's swan song, a prophet's lament, garnished with drone and feedback. A lump in the throat moment for all of us."
Hat in Hand, the lead off, is one of my all-time fav VoL tracks. Lyrically & musically. One of the best rock things i've ever written. It's mid-tempo, raw and desperate...a lament. We saw it coming. Jake and Kevin? Simply stunning here...as they always were.


pen the lament and shadow your eyes
there's a vapor trail stretching across a kansas sky
dirt lot kids making dirt lot plans
shuffle forward your hat in hand

could be the hangman could be the noose
could be the engine could be the caboose
it pays to know on which side you stand
shuffle forward your hat in hand

yeah gold in this house there's gold in my band
there's gold in your blouse honey gold in my hand
it's a rhythm and mystery you don't quite understand
shuffle forward your hat in hand

run fast after everything
and that's just what you'll miss
live your life opened armed
or with a clenched fist

dirt lot kids doing dirt lot deeds
way too much living in the minor key
burn all these sins in a Love so grand
shuffle forward your hat in hand


from Future Hymns for the New Idolatry, released January 22, 2016
Bill: guitars, vocals
Jake Bradley: bass
Kevin Heuer: drums



all rights reserved


Bill Mallonee

Bill Mallonee is an Americana artist w/ 75 plus albums over a 25 year career. Voted by Paste Music Magazine #65 in their "Top 100 Living Songwriters" poll. He was the
founding member of Vigilantes of Love. He has worked with Mark Heard, Buddy Miller, Emmylou Harris, & Peter Buck from REM.
His most recent work, "The Rags of Absence" released in Jan. 2017.
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