Resplendent "Audibly Live"

by Vigilantes of Love



recorded by the cutting edge mobile at the axiom in cheltenham august 1999.


released June 1, 2002

Vigilantes of Love is:
Bill Mallonee: guitars, vocals, harmonica
Kenny Hutson: Lead guitar, mandolin
Jake Bradley: bass
Kevin Heuer: drums

all songs by Bill Mallonee
c. BMI 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998

Produced by: Bill Mallonee & Vigilantes of Love
front of house engineer - jeff spencer
mobile engineer - mike simpson
mixed and mastered by mike simpson, harvey jessop and dave pick at fig studios
photography and design concept by
cover montages by
tray mntage and final design by

deep appreciation and thanks to John Mark Johnson who managed to bring VoL to the fair shores of the UK for many years. Thanks to Bob Harris at bbc radio 2, Gary Price at bbc radio wales, Bob Paterson at ecl, Sue Willliams at Frontier, Dave Pick @ FFG, & Mike Simpson.



all rights reserved


Bill Mallonee

Bill Mallonee is an Americana artist w/ 75 plus albums over a 25 year career. Voted by Paste Music Magazine #65 in their "Top 100 Living Songwriters" poll. He was the
founding member of Vigilantes of Love. He has worked with Mark Heard, Buddy Miller, Emmylou Harris, & Peter Buck from REM.
His most recent work, "The Rags of Absence" released in Jan. 2017.
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Track Name: Could Be A Lot Worse
a kiss for the miles to drive
a prayer for when it rains
one shot of perspective
a couple more to kill the pain

when all the best metaphors
are hitting too close to home
when all the best metaphors
are bleeding from your bones

i'm gonna die a failure
but to happiness awake
you can go to sleep in hell
and wake up at heaven's gate

think of all that we miss today
that lay right before our eyes
think of all that fades away
in the hard-pressed compromise

and this is dangerous terrain
we're attempting to traverse
it's a crying shame
but it could be a lot worse

so you proceed with caution
though you're mumbling in the dark
and that one shot of perspective
has finally hit your heart

faith she's a whistling train
running hard in the dark
and hope is like a thing untamed
gonna lay to waste your heart

love's a little bit of God
there for all to know
love's the everlasting arms
that never do let go
Track Name: But Not For Long
given what you want given what you need
given what you get given what you have to bleed
bleed some more and i will not mind
and i will not curse and mean it most of the time

given all i am Lord kill these grand pretensions
falling way too short with all my best intentions
moving much too fast with last chance on the line
so you learn to lie it gets easier every time

innocence there goes an old friend
who tries to show herself now and again
since you can't take her along
sure you'll miss her not for long

set the world on fire
hope you make a killing
set the world on fire
or die in burning buildings
Track Name: Blister Soul
yeah you got this place you go
it's just a trip before the fall
way past the fevered pitch
just a spit from the wrecking ball

said you woke up this morning
said you woke up under a curse
i've heard the blues are bad
but this is something worse

and the ambulance driver
well he tips his hat and stares
and he asks you in a grave voice
can i take you anywhere

yeah the thing we cannot speak of
too painful to behold
oh this blister soul

there's a smaller place you go
where there's hardly any sound
where the deals have all gone sour
and the house of cards comes down

and the damage is costly
it's beyond all dollars and sense
you can't measure it with graphs and charts
or any instruments

yeah the thing we cannot speak of
the secret we all know
oh this blister soul

yeah from the trumpet blast
i hear the banging drum
yeah from once upon a time
to the kingdom come

and the thing that's yours for free
is the thing i need the most
oh stifles every boast
stifles every boast

yeah the thing that's hard to speak of
but the secret we all know
oh this blister soul
Track Name: Nothing Like a Train
nothing like the rain to bring you down
nothing like a train to take you far away
leaving here without a sound
yeah should have been gone yesterday
it was the diamonds i remember
yeah right there behind your eyes
i'm captured once again and seen through
honey your camera never lies

nothing like the leaves 'round your front door
and the stages and the pages you've been in love before
and the things you feel inside these bones
and those that won't leave you
those that won't leave you
those that won't leave you alone

you can map the lay of the land
yeah you can describe the sad terrain
let us survey all the borders
yeah but it all still looks the same
when you find there's nothing special
yeah about that big hole in your heart
'cause everybody's got one
with precious little time to talk about it

here's another song for brenda
yeah another tune for josh and joe
another postcard from the highway
my God where do these days go
Track Name: Hard Luck and Heart Attack
clouds break for a moment when you're coming off desolation
and frisco's your appointment you're the way you were before
trying to gaze east but with no one to depend on
and the blisters on your feet yeah from coming down the mountain

your friends won't let you down but friends they're not the refuge
you're tearing up the town with a hip flask of red wine
scrawling visions buzzed in that five and dime notepad
saving them just because angels seemed so sad

a ticket from the coat-check girl
her words and flesh they're laughing
taking down her number
on that lipstick-stained napkin

sainthood for anyone yeah who knows you lose it to save it
a prayer for everyone who's ever been out on the pavement
a sound inside of me as i'm falling through the cracks
hard luck and heart attack of hard luck yeah and heart attack

arms around me if i'm going through the ceiling
service stations of the cross yeah the doctors they need healing
things clear for a moment when you're coming off desolation
between nothing and the atonement it all bleeds behind your cadence
Track Name: Goes Without Saying
failure she's a new found friend you let her sleep on the floor
when you rise to check out well she follows to the door
if you listen real close there's the audible sigh
if you look real hard you don't question why

cloth of life is torn
cloth of life is fading so much more
yeah it goes without saying
yeah it goes without saying
goes without saying

and all of these distractions and the worship of the buck
somewhere i think we gave out at a club called "the outta-luck"
and it was deeper than the blackness that all the blacktop holds
we're starving for an omen and the spaces they're wide open

cloth of life is something yeah where you begin
cloth of life is something you can wrap yourself in
keep a candle in the window keep a fire on your hearth
keep a prayer on your lips and keep some hope in your heart
Track Name: Extreme North Of the Compass
extreme north of the compass
december skies looked gray and joyless
the world awaits in barren splendor
for someone to stir the embers

we are sinking into numbness
welcoming it like an old friend
and my confidence is crumbling
like a house of cards again

is that the darkness you inhabit
well it's a blanket 'round your shoulders
all this vexing of the spirit
always wake up feeling colder so colder

like a friendship never nurtured
like a lover long forsaken
like a liar who can no longer tell
when he's telling the truth or faking
Track Name: Good Luck Charm (a FREE 72 hr. download!)
yeah just where did it start this breaking of your heart
yeah and where did it go south you're looking down in the mouth
of a ride that had just begun when the lap bar came up
yeah and sweetness it was bone dry at the bottom of the cup

yeah death she wears this strange perfume when you're traveling the white lines
yeah she stumbles in here under a different name almost every night
we're all cracked and crumbling just like that old sidewalk
and i suppose this must be the place where the walls went up

you make your smile a different way to cry
when the truth that they've been selling you is just another fine lie
yeah the candles on the inside they are flickering out
with the things they don't tell you about

can you hear the bells can you hear the alarm
can you give away your life like a good luck charm
this is where it started breaking your heart
yeah this is where it started this falling apart
Track Name: Starry Eyed
she said with all seriousness
"i'll take no more of this
this violence runs too deep
deeper than these brutal streets"
i see it in that back alley heart
i see it in those concrete eyes
sure i believe in brand new starts
but we're so good at telling lies

if i could put my finger on it
maybe i could show it to the door
name or frame or describe it
what are we hanging 'round here for

and the light keeps pouring down
some prayers are made without a sound
what does it feel like to be found
when you're lost in here
and those old places you once knew
and the new ones you're running to
if you arrive there a bit confused
you'll be starry eyed

i believe the whistle just blew
it's coming into focus coming into view
we're princes and paupers we look the same
we sally forth in that sad parade
my position is all too clear
i'm bringing up the strategic rear
see the gutter it was once my home
but that was when i was all alone

there are places you call holy
there are places you'll call hell
once they start to look the same
who could break the spell
Track Name: Welcome To Struggleville
all is quiet on the western front
there appears to be a lull
john and jane doe are sleeping well tonight
with the little thoughts inside their skulls
salome she's undressed to the nines
and although a few pounds fatter
she got pavlov's bells on her ankles and wrists
she coming at you with a platter

so i stole down to the waterfront
to escape the desert heat
oh what on earth you gotta do around here
to try and get yourself a drink
heard john the baptist preaching
"make way for the King
but if you want to recognize Him
you gotta tell me all your sins"

they are building a new gallows
for when You show up on the street
polishing the electric chair
they're gonna give You a front row seat
heard a sneer outside the garden
salutation so well heeled
"welcome all you suckers to struggleville"

i've been trying to negotiate peace
with my own existence
she got a stockpile full of weaponry
she breaking every cease-fire agreement
oh the whole thing is full of decay
as sure as i'm made of dust
and into rust i know
the beast is falling

they are building a new gallows
for when You show up on the street
polishing the electric chair
they're gonna give You a front row seat
heard a sneer outside the garden
salutation so well heeled
"final stop no points beyond struggleville
welcome all you suckers to struggleville"
Track Name: Resplendent/Solar System
yeah i remember the dark clouds
raining dust for days on end
blew all the earth out to california
and just left us here with the wind
in desperate times you know everybody's part
but it's your own lines you're like to forget
'til what you were meets what you've now become
grins and says "hey, haven't we met"

lost my firstborn that winter
and my wife on the first day of spring
and so i poured my sweat into the earth
yeah to see what that harvest would bring
and i remember howling fury
just like a plague of locusts
egypt's punishment for sins of pride
is that now what has come over us

how much of this was meant to be
how much the work of the devil
how far can one man's eyes really see
in these days of toil and trouble

honey we're all resplendent
yeah honey we are all thrift store
i'm like a wino with a twenty dollar bill
yeah forever and eternally yours
i can make you promises
if you don't expect too much
yes and i will run the distance
if you'll please please excuse my crutch

how much of this is failing flesh
how much the course of retribution
my my how loudly we plead our innocence
long after we've made our contribution

Solar System

come in here and have a taste
yeah what's one more hopeless case
when your short wave dies and there's no one to listen
and the stars going cold in your solar system

well her lips were red and her hair was brown
yeah feeling like the luckiest kids in town
she said "i'll follow you boy to the ends of the earth"
said "i'm not going that far for what it's worth"

and i really love to see you like this
the moonlight dripping off your fingertips
off your fingertips

well put all your love where it hurts the most
expect a little visit from the Holy Ghost
but when your short wave dies and there's no one to listen
the stars going cold in your solar system