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Permafrost​/​Victory Garden

by Bill Mallonee and Victory Garden

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nicolegallagher My husband Jim died at 52 years old last September. Your late 90’s albums thread together literally all of my early marriage memories because it is almost all we listened to then. Jim and his brother Tim, Lydia and I hosted a couple house concerts in that era, here in Kansas. I can barely listen to these because it opens the wounds, but I want to look that grief and those memories right in the face and your music is that for me. We were married 27 years. I miss him.
Steve Card
Steve Card thumbnail
Steve Card a song everyone needs to hear,a real gospel song... Favorite track: Bank.
Craigory Bacon
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Craigory Bacon A balanced mix of Americana ("Bank," Flowers," "Pour Kid") with Bill's trippier aspirations.

Our first thorough introduction to the beautiful singing of Muriah Rose. Favorite track: Flowers.
poor kid never saw it coming there was the set up and the big take down lost his sweetheart as the band got humming and word well it gets around sometimes there's just no consolation you're missing cues and forgot what to say thank God almighty for television going numb in the cathode ray it's so dramatic when there's no one to warn you spend the evening sitting in the corner oh to see the world through the tear in your eye with the strong drink and the flimsy alibi little girl there's far too many choices for you to ever really get your head clean and it's so easy taking cues from california soap operas and checkout line magazines oh to have just an unguarded moment oh to be under your house arrest to steal your love like an inside job and crack your vault with a solo kiss no this isn't just a sex song we're all black holes so don't give me grief i think you're perfect and you think i'm perfect to and we're all just lying through our teeth
Tourniquet 04:24
they never told me about the part about the hidden clause yeah when i took this job where you crawl so far in a scratch beneath your skin in an effort to be authentic you cut the flow with a tourniquet of lies it's starting to hurt it's starting to hurt it's starting to hurt on the inside pleased to meet you you're a bit too close you shake hands with your host and it turns out it's your own ghost sounded good at least on paper till a few pages later we are drowning in the inkwell you're on your way to somewhere else just like everybody else if the people that you meet are sad keep your heart towards the stars remember they are never far and sometimes they might kiss you back
Threadbare 07:03
is it ok if i cry in your arms i used to do this kind of stuff when i was young spent my youth ashamed and alone with the deaf dumb and blind kind disowned is it ok if i cry in your arms i'll try not to stain your pretty blouse a dam has broken somewhere inside there was no foundation for the house if i had more faith if i'd given more love read better books maybe done the right drugs the scrape of the blister across the ragged landscape of despair leaves you all threadbare is is ok if i cry in your arms there's so much shit i'd like to forget honey could we make a deal like our lips are sealed could this be our ugly little secret if i had more faith if i'd given more love seen better movies or done the right drugs the scrape of the blister across the ragged landscape of despair leaves you all threadbare say it's ok if i cry in your arms you can tell the kids one day when i'm gone who would enlist if they'd seen the script you know i tried to warn you about the fine print if i had more faith if i'd given more love a b or c hell all of the above the scrape of the blister across the ragged landscape of despair leaves you all threadbare
Bank 05:11
it's been known for a train to jump its track it's ok so you'll know most the time they come back and it's ok to lose your life when you finally see your birth it's ok to say i love you figure sometimes it's gonna hurt don't forget to bring kindness don't forget to say thanks don't forget to spend your love no it will not break the bank don't forget to bring some empathy for the saints and the sinners don't forget to bring encouragement yeah we're all just beginners up here under par cans or down under the load how i got from a to b well God only knows me i talk a real good game practiced till i got it right but most of the crying you'll do it's inside most your life yeah i done you wrong and i hardly know why i hope that you will remember the more or less better side i hope the Cross is big enough when your sins reach to the sky hope the arms are wide enough to embrace one such as i
Stay With Me 03:39
i don't know what to do mark of the beast is not a cool tattoo all my life is a gradual weakening stupid people i am figuratively speaking oh stay with me oh stay with me i've falling under such bad bad weather till the drugs or whatever they were wear off stay with me till i get better morning sun on a rock and roll van last night's noisy dream stumbled and slipped on the path of least resistance and i'm not what i see God i could love you all of my days if you'd just keep your mouth shut i'm two parts weakness and another part dazed a Trinity of God-knows-what
Colateral 03:03
some bombing near the factory where all the goods got made some bombing near the factory and very little could be saved like faith and hope and trust i lit the fuse for both of us and if you need somewhere to shovel that blame tote that bucket over here to this grave and if you need somewhere to shovel that blame tote that bucket over here to this grave this city's like an iron lung the bellows well they're compressing all wrong electricity blew the breaker box and the generators didn't start up i remember those setting suns and the stars i used to wish upon some explosion near the factory i saw the flash and the kingdom fell some explosion near the factory i wanted to believe and i wanted to be well it comes down to tears of pain goes up to heaven like returning rain and when it came it was beautiful and bright and me i staggered out into the light
yeah it all comes down to geography of clouds and coordinates of your scrap heap dreams and your star maps the ones of hades well if i were you i wouldn't trust the thing i never waited for this to become something it wasn't supposed to be and the clang and bang of those big guitars it's in the small things so holy and pristine you were good with your cues good with your promptings and your hands were never cold she says you may know her body but you still don't know her soul are we angel animal or machine the volumes are heavy with critique and calibrations and the question posed of man's purpose or his bent and your wrecked up heart gets to weigh the evidence could be the liquor or it could be the pills could be the clash of chemistries against ambition's blind will but after all there's never really been quite such a thing as an original sin and you're sucker punched reeling about and you fall to your knees and you're down for the count was it something the age slipped in your drink or was it more like the air everyone breathes around here till they stink and the temperature drops like a sledgehammer as you lean hard into a december wind but love given and received is all that really matters and this is where the strings come in there was a palace but the rooms were all barren you know the one you had planned to rob and me well i went down to the river and let the current and the Spirit start to do its job cause beginnings are waves never ending and the endings are breaking in fits and starts and the shards of our mistakes they're on magnetic tape and the meter's pegging red in our staticky little hearts well it all comes down to geography of clouds where the light of love just passes right through and those million faces you have worn well none of them was exactly you
Flowers 04:20
round here there's just trouble chasing after the wind buy that line with all the money in the bank and never ever look in to be so damn enlightened oh to be so free to be so down in the bottom of the ninth at the top of the century I came with dirty hands I came with blinded eyes tongue tied I could barely speak the truth about my tall lies they sold me on some pleasure till the pleasure it sold me into something that looked and smelled a whole lot like slavery we all need new beginnings the first steps make you better maybe you're just a prayer away from getting your shit together flowers growing out of the desert flowers out of parched ground flowers coming right up through the cracks of the pavement in your old town flowering's not a science it's more like a fine art flowers coming right up through the cracks of our broke up little hearts
Rationale 04:02
well there's an empty space it's the place at the table where we would start each day if i could quit shaking long enough i could almost hear you say oh my love oh my love yeah i wanted to get for you just a small gift but all my pocket change was taken then i wanted to become for you your favorite gift then my heart got close to breaking tear it all down tear it all down what's there left to say tear it all down tear it all down turn around and walk away walk away it's a flimsy reason at best but a reason's a reason none the less and i need one to hold on to this wheel and if i hold my breath long enough honey a kiss is what i want to steal through the lies of facts that we marshall to attack each other's wounded little hearts and then comes the hard sell you try to make to yourself but kid you know it's your own fault yeah and for all that you learn you're still a sad piece of work and there's just no getting around the world's just victims and we're playing fast and loose but now you know the real truth


glorious, just glorious!
...full band, noisy Americana fused with a certain Brit-pop sensibility here and there!


released August 8, 2006

Bill Mallonee: all guitars, vocals, harmonicas
Muriah Rose: piano, organ, vocals.
Jeff Reilly: drums
Ben Holst: bass


all rights reserved



Bill Mallonee

Bill Mallonee is an Americana artist w/ 80 plus albums over a 30 year career. Voted by Paste Music Magazine #65 in their "Top 100 Living Songwriters" poll. He was the
founding member of Vigilantes of Love. He has worked with Mark Heard, Buddy Miller, Emmylou Harris, & Peter Buck from REM.
His most recent work, "Lead On, Kindly Light" is a 23song double Cd released Feb 2020.
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