Perfumed Letter

by Bill Mallonee



The most ambitious album I ever made. Trippy, jangle-y, 60's style, neo-psychedelic pop with plenty of hooks. Think Beatles "Strawberry Fields Forever era. PL was recorded with Vigilantes of Love players Jake Bradley (bass), Kevin Heuer drums, Billy Holmes (guitar and keyboards and Cason Cooley (keyboards).Like i said: With producer Tom Lewis at the helm, it was the most ambitious album I ever recorded and one of the most satisfying!
A must!


released January 1, 2004

Bill mallonee: guitars, vocals, harp
Jake Bradley: bass
Kevin Heuer: drums
Billy Holmes: Keys, guitar on "Wintergreen"
Cason Cooley: keys
produced by Bill Mallonee & Tom Lewis
Engineering, mixing, mastering: Tom Lewis



all rights reserved


Bill Mallonee

Bill Mallonee is an Americana artist w/ 75 plus albums over a 25 year career. Voted by Paste Music Magazine #65 in their "Top 100 Living Songwriters" poll. He was the
founding member of Vigilantes of Love. He has worked with Mark Heard, Buddy Miller, Emmylou Harris, & Peter Buck from REM.
His most recent work, "The Rags of Absence" released in Jan. 2017.
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Track Name: She's So Liquid
made a visit to your garden
to come there and ask for pardon
my offense was very great
my defense was second rate

she's luminous ya dig?
yeah and she's so liquid

tears were words and then again
falling down like English rain
once a king and now a fool
lead me to baptismal pools

and you put every fear to flight
and you bathed me in the pale moonlight
there were angels in the trees
looking on looking on looking on looking on

cross my heart and hope to tell
your kiss is like a wishing well
two coins tossed and here we crash
i don't think i heard them splash
Track Name: Perfumed Letter
do you remember what you wrote
in the perfumed letter
i was counting upon you
though i know you deserve better
the moon is on the waters
and the hands move on your face
of a clock that has no memory
of our sad farewell embrace

your love is fire and all aglow
it's shimmering and vertigo
we're shining hard like video

and i am all of nothing
i will never be enough
tryin' desperately to fill
all this void that keeps on showing up
uninvited to your parties
unwanted in your bedroom
while your innocence is checking out
with the better part of you

i forget what you wrote
in that perfumed letter
i remember taking note
that you had made me better
Track Name: Life On Other Planets
i've got you and some scars for all my labors
you've got me everybody needs a Savior
i feel bad all these days that we spent running
you're all grown up and i hardly saw it coming

i believe it turns to gold
watch love begin to unfold
it's like a story you were once told
when you believed in God and New Romantics
and life out there on other planets

angel's wings and all these giants being slain
the smallest stone well it can get lodged in your brain
i see you and my heart fills with emotion
i push your swing but it's silent and in slow motion

i'm always falling in love
it's the least you can do
i'm always falling in love
with something other than you

pull me up God i don't know why i'm lame
i'm drowning in a sadness i can't hardly name
easily swayed by the power of suggestion
it's always hard getting past those first impressions
Track Name: Extraordinary Girl
if the weather was inclimate
i'd have told you in a minute
you can rest your worries here
anytime you want to dear
and if it's moving way too fast
well there is this looking glass
the future and the past
are breaking down in all this sunshine

you ought to know i guess
it's a different sort of day
when you walked by in that dress

and she's not an ordinary girl
she's a million miles away
in an extraordinary world
and i guess i'd have to say
come whatever come what may
i just pray to reach you
where it hurts the most
hold you just a little closer

with the blue sky over my head
and it's so plain to everyone
the street is beat
and there's a lot of nothing to be done
here's a loyal heart
has yours once ever been broken?
and all the loudest words it seems
are the ones that don't get spoken

color me impressed
you could say i'm in deep
yeah more or less
Track Name: Two become one
it happens every time
that you walk into this
somewhere between happiness
and mysteriousness
i'm falling for your charms
melting in your arms

two become one
and i hope you're having fun
you'll believe in magic
with these higher mathematics
two become one

sometimes the universe explodes
you can hear and smell
and touch and taste as she unfolds
like a cannon at the circus
but this will never hurt us

under your spell
and i can't tell if it's chemistry
oh, to be all released
in your chemistry

Love is living inside you
yes, and i will paint a picture
if you want me too
'cause this is all i need
and the colors they all bleed
Track Name: Silver Transparent
silver transparent
stars pinned on a curtain above
blue torch on the back porch
near the big lake of her love

(i once knew a hero
with the strong throw to the plate
but the cells reversed meaning
started eating up her greatness)

your words are just a web
that you weave to cover yourself
your words are just a wall
that's between you and everybody else

(i wonder how it really feels
to have the whole slate clean
to know exactly what you say
that's exactly what you mean)

once a moment
now it's just a reminisce
it was louder than a bomb in me
it was softer than a kiss
maybe i've said too much too soon
sometimes God opens up the deepest of wounds

silver transparent
morphine drips beside your bed
it's the only way to take off the edge
something's wrong but you never let it show
something's wrong i know i know i know
Track Name: Crescent Moon
where do i begin
where do i venture in
to knock upon the door
of possibilities?
i'm oh so cavalier
open my mouth up to cover my fear
but you smiled and played along
with awkward first intentions

i think i lost my breath
whenever you said yes
when looking downward
i asked if i might kiss you
and even that you walked me through
all these new rooms to explore
yeah and all my rusty locks
fell to the floor

and if you wished for the brightest star
would you consider a crescent moon?
and if i'm late ah baby wait
i will bring it soon

stumbling when i come
tripping over my dumb tongue
for God's sake don't these
momma's boys ever grow up?
much too easily hurt
life is coming to grips with what you're worth
when God says one thing
but your heart says another

where do i begin?
where do i venture in?
to come inside this love
that's sacramental
i remember when
i first beheld your face
yeah on the streets of this old town
now i carry it every place
Track Name: That Little Something
that little something that helps you along
that little something that keeps you going strong
that little something yeah what went wrong
that little something now she's long gone

could've been the way the words fell off your tongue
could've been the way her heart keeps moving on
to a different beat yeah and a different drum
that little something yeah she's long gone

i wonder why
it feels like a coin toss
all the bridges that we build
don't hold when we cross

that little place where secrets make their show
to a bigger place only lovers know
that little space once it seemed so still
that little space the one that's hard to kill
Track Name: Wintergreen
she pops a stick of wintergreen
outside the cash machine
it's lonely being lovely all the time
yeah when the rules all changed
the strange terrain of love's modern games
the ones that you play in your mind

yeah i was across the block
baby when the bomb went off
but i felt it just the same
i knew it was meant for me
but you're a little bad with your trajectory
still my heart's a bit shellshocked

how could you walk away
from this so easily?

dead of night and the city's bright
caught blinking at the traffic light
the tapes are so hard to erase
baby i've been going wrong
ever since you've been gone
are you chasing or being chased?

yeah i got a heart of stone
everybody's got a stain glass soul
i've been sleeping at Gethsemene
got mother Mary and a rosary
you had secrets and i had baggage
together we decided to unpack it
dreamed a dream now you're laughing at it
you're just a girl in a leather jacket

dead of night and the city's bright
caught blinking at the traffic light
it's a drink or an SM-58
baby, we've been going wrong
ever since you've been gone
are you chasing or being chased?
Track Name: After All You've Done for Me
i don't want to lose this one before it is too late
things just have a way of slipping through my fingers
when the strongest of convictions sort of gets bent out of shape
when the gnawing claw of doubt still lingers

you don't lose don't lose
no pieces will you ever lose
after all you've done for me
it's the least i could do for you

as lonely as the final leaf swept from a barren tree
and the drugs they don't go deep enough to set you free
and the fan blades reflect halo-effects when i look up and see you
when the words won't frame the room you're in pictures will have to do

to live inside these ruins where you move without a sound
oh to live inside this skin again die outside your town
oh to break forth into sonnets oh Lord keep me coming back
oh the stories that you tell your head to keep your heart intact
Track Name: Shirts and Skins
i thought you grew up too fast
but that's the way the story goes
i've a picture of your mom and you
the background looks like snow
i know the snow well it's not really there
but that's what it does suggest
and the smile upon your young face
well it looks so tentative

the winners and losers
the same in the end
i was hoping for a perfect world
no shirts no skins

sometimes i like to dream
that you are smiling down on me
and all those things are really true
we say we believe
so i looked out at my riches
there was none for which to live
looked inside at all my poverty
s'all that i had to give

all those tears we cry
for everybody else
really are the ones we
saved up for ourselves
and the hardest part is letting go
of everything 'round here
the treasures make you laugh and cry
and all ya hold most dear
Track Name: Your Bright Future
there's this little piece of you
i may never see again
there's a bigger piece of me
that's simply vanishing

there's a little scrap of memory
sleeping next to your truth
it's all curled around your body
and i cannot shake it loose

you park your van you feel again
you scratch your skin pick up your pen

i am afraid what did i pay
to stand up here and play the fool
i'm losing myself and i know i'm losing you

something you'll remember
something you once knew
why bring it all up to the light
except when it's killing you

a bridge to build an act of will
some time to kill a soul to fill

your bright future stares me down
you'll bury all you lose
your winter sun she breaks upon
those skies of cobalt blue