Friendly Fire (produced by John Keane & Bill Mallonee)

by Bill Mallonee

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Friendly Fire is a wonderful selection of songs acoustic and electric. recorded with and at the same time as "Dear Life," it was originally to be a double of my finest. ~bill


released January 1, 2005

Bill Mallonee: guitars, vocals, harp
Jake Bradley: bass, guitars, stand-up bass
Jon Radford: drums
Patrick "Tigger" Ferguson: drums
John Keane: pedal steel, back ground vocals


all rights reserved



Bill Mallonee

Bill Mallonee is an Americana artist w/ 75 plus albums over a 25 year career. Voted by Paste Music Magazine #65 in their "Top 100 Living Songwriters" poll. He was the
founding member of Vigilantes of Love. He has worked with Mark Heard, Buddy Miller, Emmylou Harris, & Peter Buck from REM.
His most recent work, "The Rags of Absence" released in Jan. 2017.
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Track Name: No Longer Bound
I was drinking with obscurity
small talk of the town
and yes she is the silent type
but she'll buy you the next round

say the word say the word
so I'll no longer be
no longer bound
your friendship was my guard
no longer bound
these chains have fallen off

revenge is not a tongue I speak
'cause the tenses are easily confused
I've seen the devil once or twice
and he did not look like you

I laid down next to you
asleep in the dark
enter in the Spirit of the Lord
and I saw how I broke your heart

there are songs of self-pity
there are songs of the forsaken
if this struck your ears that way my friend
you're sadly mistaken
Track Name: Can't Fake the Heartache
the rain is fallin' on your street
the rain is fallin' at your feet
it wasn't long ago we walked a different shore
now it's more than you can take
no you can't forsake
and you can not fake
the heartache

it should have lasted forever
why don't things last forever?
in the ocean air that tangled up your hair
is there sand in every kiss?
we crashed inside the waves
no you cannot fake
the heartache

I know it's hard to love me
I'm not good for your health
I know it's hard to love me baby
it's hard to love yourself

now it's just ticking clocks
and some sad songs on the jukebox
we sail for memories on a lonely sea
where the waters are never safe
it's more than you can take
cause you cannot fake
the heartache
the heartache
Track Name: Is That Too Much To Ask
can't get it back can't get it back
all you lack stares you in the face
can't get it back I lost all the star maps
and there was too much static in this place

send up a prayer rarefied air
regret is a friend you make when you are young
any side of anywhere one way ticket to nowhere
it all seemed so over before it had begun

oh could I start with a brand new heart?
the one I wrecked was never gonna last
is that too much to ask?

God bless Job for waiting it out
when everything he had was stripped
when faith's all gone and all my good intentions were good and wrong
but a thundercloud voice might do the trick

and all those summer sunsets
and autumn colors and smells
and those proud Easter trumpets
and those Christmas bells

if I could gather every nuance
the loose threads and the bits
I'd paint them on your lips girl
and drown in the kiss

oh could we start with some brand new hearts?
since the ones we wrecked were never gonna last
is that too much to ask?
Track Name: Friendly Fire (free download)
coming in for a few days my friend
yeah more than likely I'll be alone
yeah I asked if she'd like to go
you know how she loves Chicago but she just said no

whatever she wants
whatever she might need
I've got no more fight in me

I must confess my own helplessness
things got pretty weird inside right after the war
I got kinda quiet for a long long long spell
they say war is hell but it ain't nothing nothing like this

she just slams the door when I try to hold her
like I held on three nights at sea
I've got no more fight in me

mad dog bombardier hell I was mad dog all the time
I could drop that payload on a Roosevelt dime
but where we are there is no more north star
and it's all dark and uncharted in our skies

kid the flak was so thick you could get out and walk on it
and that's what I did right back to that little bride-to-be
but I've got no more fight in me

she says I've changed (funny thing)
don't people change all the time?
it's been twenty years or more Stan
since I had a good cry
Track Name: Four Leaf Clover
so wrong
how did I miss it for so long?
the candle in the window of your eyes said
please come home

was it in the stars?
that made it hard to see right through
the choices that you thought you made
were making you

over and over over and over
over and over whatever you do
head on my shoulder four leaf clover
it's never really over 'tween me and you

and the only one who's let you down
is the one left staring in the mirror
they say God's love will wash away a desert
with a single tear

so right
radio signal fills the night
soundtrack for a skeletal scrapbook
and the demons that you shook
Track Name: With Any Luck At All
swing yourself through that cabin door
and up on this brass bed
this is the moment we were waiting for
waiting for she said
winter's blues are long over due
for getting outta town
two lovers near some Walden's pond
drown oh we drown

her love was like a daisy chain
each one woven with a kiss
why with any luck at all
I may live to tell about this

I can tell by that twinkle in your eye
you ain't saying all you feel
I can tell by that twinkle in your eye
you're looking for a heart to steal
I don't know about you but I'm long overdue
for putting these worries in the grave
it was all push and pull but with another shovel full
I should just about be saved

saw you out on the avenue
you were looking mighty blue I guess
steady diet of Camus
had left you so depressed
Jesus has a Sacred Heart
that burns so bright for His world
and I've gotta a kiss that you should not miss
I've been saving it for you girl
Track Name: Of Future Partridge Families (Back of the Bus)
you spend most of your days looking for a place
something you can reach out and touch and taste
you wind up in this skin alone in the world
trying to find your place on the string of pearls

we're sitting on the back of the bus
head in the clouds and a heart full of trust
sittin' on the back of the bus
there's a world of light inside the two of us

when love is a pirate truth walks the plank
orphan cries drown under thundering tanks
the best revolutions are the ones inside of you
but the ghost of illusion always wants her due

public transportation overnight sensations
further deliberations are needed
step off of the greyhound time to put your bags down
and be greeted

here's one for the boy here's one for the girl
forever starts now and it's the best of all worlds
your breath is so warm and your touch is bliss
your lips are so moist that we drown in the kiss
Track Name: Second Guessing
it's been a while I'll grant you that
old habits die a violent death
and just what else would you expect?
when some have nothing to protect

oh to crucify the self
with all these dim illusions
confusion to be reckoned with
a point to counter counterfeit

let's go up on the roof tonight
and let the starlight burn so bright
beneath your skin I'm in
I'm instant messaging

one day we'll gladly put away
all that leads to second guessing
stumble hard under the curse
and pray for this old universe
pray for this old universe

yes your secret's safe with me
as safe as safe could ever be
innocence is the only art
it's broken keys for broken hearts

let's go out for a drive tonight
radio? the backdrop
to the soundtrack deep within
I'm instant messaging
Track Name: You Were The Only Girl For Me
more or less on my knees
love songs in the minor key
you were the only girl for me

too much to see too much to recall
lived my days in sound waves and the rush of alcohol
you were the only girl for me
all these places I'd only intended to visit
somewhere I got lost became a permanent resident
you were the only girl for me

if mercy is a drink I could use me some
growing old to be forever young

I remember when my eyes first met yours
I sold the farm to buy the store
you were the only girl for me
bones get cold and brains forget
teardrops explode by a fireplace called regret
you were the only girl for me

if mercy is a drink well pour me some
growing old to be forever young

come as thou are come as thou ain't
it's gonna take more than a new coat of paint
you were the only girl for me
roll back the tape to our first kiss
you never signed up for any of this
you were the only girl for me
if a car crash does us fatal harm
would you carry me to Jesus in your arms?
you were the only girl for me

if mercy is an ocean let it roll on
growing old to be forever young

more or less on my knees
love songs in the minor key
you were the only girl
you were the only girl
you were the only girl for me
Track Name: Stain Glass Soul
how could I help but notice
the wonder of the thing?
a drop of blue from heaven's skies
fell onto your wing

now the light has left me all alone
but the light still shines bright
through your stain glass soul

how could I doubt?
how could I not have seen?
you read me like a tragedy
but you wrote a happy ending

this camera you marvel
me? shutter shy you? carnival
string the moments of your world
all together like a string of pearls

I miss your eyes
they were my home
now I'm standin' in the rain with this loose pocket change
by this pay phone

and the Light never fades
and the Light never grows cold
and it's the Light that you gave
from your stain glass soul
Track Name: Apple Of Your Eye
apple of your eye apple of your eye
but you can see right through
let faith be like a wedding ring
that binds my heart to You

pearl of great price pearl of great price
the billboards? they're all lies
the world will search and substitute
for what never satisfies

there is no shadow of turning with Thee
when the waves of my sin were rolling over me

grow ye never weary grow ye never weary
of doing all the good you wanna do
keep your hands unto the plow
and He will see you through

closer than a brother closer than a brother
so when that golden trumpet finally sounds
you will bring the flower forth
from the seed buried in the ground

bring me to the shore bring me to the shore
where there's no more despair or night
all the tears get washed away
from those apples of Your eyes
and all the tears get washed away
from those apples of Your eyes
and all the tears get washed away
from those apples of Your eyes
Track Name: Punk Rock's Dead
punk rock died the day the first kid said
punk ain't dead
sure it is kid and winter's cutting bait
and California dreamin' won't abate
put your baseball cap right dude
your momma didn't raise no fool

skip a few doses of the prozac
find some public pool and lie out there in the sunshine
for hours on your back
grow your hair long
free weights will get you strong
and as you turn the page you will notice
her coming of age

'cause you're both new and clean
she's the brown girl with the smell of chlorine

cut the hang nose of your internet
try and squelch control your mom and dad's
last night knock-down-drag-out argument
sure it makes you mad and it's sad
but kid you've not been had
hell we grow up too fast in this millennium
and that girl could use a friend

turn off your it's so boring out here in the suburbs
kid your dead-ends are no deader
than anyone whose gone before you
'cause summer's your time of dreaming
don't you ever give up dreaming
hey she might wear your ring
and show you secret things

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